Public offer agreement

1.1. Public offer - the Contractor's offer (posted on the website of the Contractor's website) addressed to an unlimited number of individuals in accordance with the the law.

1.2. Agreement - a transaction drawn up in the form of an adhesion agreement in accordance with with the law on the provision of services, the terms of which are established by the Contractor, and which may be concluded only by the Customer's accession to the proposed Agreement as a whole.

1.3. The Contractor's website is a web page on the Internet, which is the main source of information for the Customer and/or can be used by the Customer to order the Contractor's services.
1.5. The Customer is a legally capable individual who has accepted the Public Offer of the Contractor set forth in this Agreement.

1.6. User - an individual who has installed (downloaded) and registered on the Contractor's server with a confirmation code, which is automatically sent in the form of an SMS message to the phone number specified by the Customer. phone number.

1.7. Acceptance is the full, unconditional and unconditional acceptance by the Customer of the terms and conditions determined by the Offer without any exceptions, limitations and reservations in accordance with the in accordance with the law.

1.8. The Customer must familiarize themselves with the terms of the Public Offer and confirm their agreement with its terms when receiving any services of the Contractor, as well as when ordering any services through the Contractor's Website and/or through the Contractor's Mobile Application.

1.9. Authorized access - access to the Contractor's services subject to successful certification of the legitimacy of the user's remote access to the server Contractor's server, which is carried out using an automatically generated Contractor's server with the help of a confirmation code.

1.10 Invitation code - an individual set of characters that is automatically automatically generated by the Contractor's Server, sent by SMS to the the phone number specified by the Customer and allows registration on the the Contractor's server.

1.11. Credentials - the User's (Customer's) data used for for the purpose of processing.

1.14. Processing of personal data means any action or set of actions, such as such as collection, registration, accumulation, storage, adaptation, modification, updating, use and dissemination (distribution, sale transfer), depersonalization, destruction of personal data, including with using information (automated) systems.

1.15. Rules for the provision of the relevant Services - the terms and conditions of the Services that are chosen by the Customer under this Agreement, are its integral part and are the only source of settlement of all relations between the Customer and the Contractor arising in the course of the Services provision. All advertising, presentation and other materials created and existing for the purpose of to inform about the Contractor's services are for informational and reference purposes only nature and are not a source of regulation of all terms and conditions of the Services.

Section 2. General terms and conditions

2.1. This Agreement is concluded between the Customer and the Contractor in the form of a contract accession in accordance with the law and is valid until until the Parties fulfill their obligations.

2.2. Publication (posting) of the text of the Agreement on the Contractor's website is an official offer (Public Offer) of the Contractor addressed to to an indefinite number of persons in accordance with the order to conclude an agreement with him on the provision of services under the terms of the adhesion agreement.

2.3. In case of acceptance of the terms of this Offer, the Customer agrees to all terms of this Agreement and confirms that he understands all its provisions.

2.4. This Offer is an open and publicly available document. The current version of the of the Agreement is available for review until the Customer accepts the terms of the Agreement. acceptance of the terms of the Agreement.

2.5. The Contractor shall have the right to amend or supplement the Agreement at any time without prior or subsequent notice, which shall be published 10 days before 10 days prior to their entry into force and made publicly available by by means of publication on the Website. The obligation to familiarize yourself with the current version of the of the Agreement shall be the responsibility of the Customer. Continued use of the mobile application by the Customer after making changes and/or additions to the Agreement means the User's acceptance and consent to such amendments and/or additions.

2.6 Continued use of the mobile application by the Customer after the entry into force of amendments and/or additions to the text of the Offer shall mean acceptance by the Customer of the of the updated Agreement.

In case the Customer disagrees with the changes and/or additions made by the by the Contractor to the text of the Offer, or disagreement with the new tariffs for the service, the Customer shall stop using the mobile application.

2.7. Each Party warrants to the other Party that it has the necessary capacity, as well as all rights and powers necessary and sufficient to conclude and perform the Agreement in accordance with its terms. The Customer also confirms that there are no circumstances that could could be recognized as null and void.

2.8. This Agreement is public within the meaning of the law.

2.9. The place of conclusion of the Treaty is Jerusalem .

3.2. The Customer confirms that prior to entering into this Agreement, he/she has been fully and duly familiarized with all its provisions and accepted them of their own free will without any of their own free will without any coercion. Confirmation of familiarization with the terms and conditions of the of the Agreement and their acceptance shall also be confirmed by ticking the symbol in the special field under the words "I have read and agree to the terms of the Privacy Policy and the Offer Agreement", which appears during the first downloading the mobile application.

3.3. The Customer accepts the Agreement (i.e. gives its direct and irrevocable consent to comply with all its terms and conditions) by performing actions in aggregate or separate performance of actions.

3.4. The fact of conclusion (acceptance) of the Agreement shall be the Customer's actions, specified in clause 3.3. Section 3 of this Agreement.

3.5. The Agreement, subject to compliance with the procedure for its acceptance, shall be considered concluded in a simple written form, comes into force from the moment of acceptance and is valid for the entire period of receiving services, or until its termination on the grounds determined by the terms of the Agreement and/or the norms of of the current legislation.

3.6. The conclusion of the Agreement means that the Customer: has familiarized himself with the familiarized with the rules of service provision; recognizes the professional acknowledges the professional suitability of the Contractor and the rules for performing all actions described in this Agreement and accepts all the terms and conditions of this Agreement without any comments.

3.7. The Contractor shall not be liable for any unauthorized access or use of data.