NASTEC's wave bearing technology.
NASTEC Provides Space Age Solutions to Engineering Problems.

Machine bearings limit the performance that manufacturers can deliver; NASTEC's wave bearing technology helps set new levels of productivity.

NASTEC has teamed with ERMCO to introduce its unique solution - the wave bearing.

High-speed, high-performance machines need stable, low-friction bearings in order to run smoothly and efficiently. Current standard journal bearings suffer from instabilities that can severely hinder such machinery.

Wave bearing technology combines essential characteristics of journal and rolling element bearings:

  • Power loss and oil flow equivalent to that of a ball bearing.
  • A cost that is roughly half that of a ball bearing.
  • 25% smaller and lighter that a traditional rolling element bearing.
  • No inherent fatigue life limit.
  • A simple two-piece design.
  • Ability to function with any lubrication (oil, gas, water, etc.).
  • Suitability for non-recirculating lube systems.

The bearing's design makes this level of performance possible. The wave bearing features slight but precise variations in its inner diameter. These waves are a mere fraction of the bearing clearance but are precisely calculated to ensure optimum performance. The wave helps maintain consistent internal pressure; this is crucial for maintaining a stable, low-friction operating environment.

What's more, the wave bearing can be custom manufactured to meet the specific requirements of your engineering needs, unlike other bearings that are designed to meet pre-existing dimensions. A journal or thrust bearing can be easily preselected by using diagrams like that below. Then each case case could be accurately analyzed for steady-state and dynamic performance with our numerical codes for both journal and thrust bearings with gas or liquid lubricants. Our bearing experts will gladly work with you to find the optimum design to best meet your needs.



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