Ermco engineers designed the MAXAM bearing to withstand slow speeds, impacts, and heavy loads at temperatures exceeding 750°
The MAXAM® bearing is a real PROBLEM SOLVER designed to replace plain, roller, ball and tapered bearings which fail because of load, impact, shock, contamination, hostile environments and difficulty of lubrication.

ERMCO Inc. custom engineers their version of the bearing industry's workhorse... the plain bearing. The MAXAM process combines advanced techniques of material selection and multistage heat treating to provide superior performance, product ruggedness and design simplicity. MAXAM is designed for heavy loads, impact, shock, wet conditions, hot, hostile environments, intermittent and continuous operations. Weak acid solutions, steam and water which are counter productive to anti-friction bearings and reduce their life expectancy, only act as lubrication for the MAXAM bearing. These adverse environmental conditions are the "birth place" of the great PROBLEM SOLVER. MAXAM components are designed to fit existing housings and assemblies or can be modified to meet your specific configuration requirements.

The standard MAXAM bearing will provide that alternative solution to failure applications with speeds of 100 SFM or slower in temperatures of up to 600º F. In high temperature applications, special alloys are conditioned in the same MAXAM quality process to ensure bearing retention of hardness. This allows the MAXAM bearing to be heated to 1000º F for prolonged periods of time and withstand heat spikes of 1200º F for short periods without softening the wear surface. The high temperature MAXAM bearing is as hard at 750º F as it is at room temperature.

Dealing with a hostile bearing environment with the goals being to eliminate downtime, improve product quality and increase product throughput use MAXAM bearings, a proven cost saver.

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