Our capabilities

CNC turning and machining in all types of material. A full compliment of secondary operation equipment. All types of grinding equipment: surface, centerless, blanchard, O.D. and I.D. We specialize in parts that are machined, heat treated, and ground to finish dimensions.

Industries Served: Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Lighting, Machinery Equipment Manufacturing and Industrial Metal

Quality Processes: ISO 9002

CAD/CAM Systems: Velium + DXF files.

Machining Services:
CNC, Production, Prototypes, Casting, Short Runs, One of a Kind

Drilling Machine with CNC
Maximum table travel 20"x15" with tool change capacity

Engine Lathes
Maximum swing over ways 16"
Maximum work length 36"

Milling Machine
Maximum amount of travel either X or Y axis: Up to 19" horizontal and vertical.

O.D. Grinder
Maximum swing 10"
Maximum work length: 18"

Horizontal Spindle Surface Grinder
Maximum table travel 10"x24"

Universal Grinder
Maximum swing 10"
Maximum work length 18"

Vertical Spindle Surface Grinder
Maximum diameter of table 36"

I.D. Grinder
Maximum swing diameter 12"
Maximum work length: 8"

Centerless Grinder
Maximum outside diameter of work 12"

Machining Center
Maximum travel 70"x20"x16" Axis

Current number of employees: 21

Plant square footage: 13,800

Founded: 1984

To meet the world's most demanding requirements, our computer controlled equipment provides accuracy to tolerances of .0002"
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